Today is the beginning...

Rise up & conquer fear...

You have purpose... find it

You have a dream... follow it

You have the strength... embrace it


121 Soul Warrior Life Coaching


Soul Warrior

Life Coaching

There is no doubt that modern life can be a difficult  journey & all the obstacles & challenges each day throws at us can cause us deep anxiety & fear. We don't have to lie back & allow this... we can rise up & fight fear & conquer the feelings.

Soul Warrior Life Coaching can help us become more focused, tougher, calmer, motivated, in control & can free the mind from negativity to focus on conquering each day.

I work to help people  tap into their own inner inherited power that exists within them already. The power from the ancients! I do this using personalised guided meditations, manifesting & hypnosis to embed the strength & energy. 

During the sessions we work together on removing the negative modern energies that may have built up & forge new beginnings to help live  this physical existence to the fullest IN SOUL WARRIOR MODE.

Spaces are limited & require dedication. They can be done over Zoom or in person in Central Scotland.