Hello my friend.

My name is Tom Rannachan & welcome to my website.

Some time ago I was guided by a higher power of light to develop an empowering system combining my decades as a hypnotist & spiritualist, alongside my experience as a trainer & martial arts practitioner. I also have a deep fascination & love of ancient history & warriors that has influenced my entire life.

I have worked for many years on the mind, body, spiritual aspects of balance & inner power with people worldwide from all backgrounds & also helped many achieve their goals mentally & physically. I now wish to share more.

I am now aware my early journey through fear, loneliness & despair was given to prepare myself to give hope & strength to those who I help daily through these challenging times in this modern world. 

So, why do we need to transform into warriors?

Some souls in this earthly life may not need the energy of a warrior but millions of others need to dig deep & be stronger...

So many of us are addicted to the digital junk that we interact with daily on our smartphones & computers. We are constantly bombarded with negativity, violence & the opinions of those who choose to spread hate, divisiveness & fear for their own agenda. We have become used to horrific images & selfishness at our fingertips as we sell our souls on social media platforms, striving to portray a life that is false. We are told that we will never be enough & will never have enough unless we earn more, work more, wear the brand clothing some celebrity wears or try & look & behave the way we are told by the bullies online. We have everything today yet we have nothing.

Today, many people of all races, sexual orientation & backgrounds feel lost, depressed & filled with a sense of hopelessness in this life. The opinions of our peers, media & input of others has also caused a lot of us to believe we have a 'station' in life. But if we tap into the inner strength & potential within us that our ancient ancestors have bestowed upon us we can change our perception of this life, take control of our destiny of self & be the best we can. We can shed the burden of fear & charge ahead to victorious times. 

Since 2020 began there is no doubt we have dealt with many challenges as individual beings & as a race (I mean the human race) together. It seems each day is filled with increasing negative & stressful mental input. continuously. Mental health is particularly affected by all of this. So do we lie back & give up? Shall we live on our knees in despair? NEVER!

Believe me this is not the end, it is the beginning my friend. we all know this won't be an easy journey over the next while so it is time for us to access our inner armour, rise to be a warrior & treat each day as a battle that we can win emotionally & mentally & never ever give up. 

We are stronger than we ever believed we were.

Our ancient ancestor's lives were far more difficult than we could ever comprehend today & yes we can access that power they needed to survive. There is practically zero percent chance of you being alive here at this moment in history so embrace life, it is yours to fight for & enjoy. Let's make our ancestors proud!

It doesn't matter what your beliefs are & if you believe in God or not... God believes in you & that's all matters. Deeds in this physical existence can only be altered by the power within us all. Take control of your life & succeed.

And me? Well, I am far from perfect. I have lived in fear & anger, jealousy & regret most of my life. I had a less than perfect childhood & blamed everyone from then for my failures & I admit I was not a good man for many years, but we can only work on ourselves & when we are illuminated by the light we can realise each breath is another chance.  Each day we can learn more & with practice, dedication, inner training & with an undying will to improve we can take the steps to complete strength, inner balance & kindness. 

I live in Scotland & I have helped others for many years through hypnosis & mind, body & spiritual coaching. My life's work is now dedicated to the Inner Soul Warrior principles I was given. This concept may not be the correct path for you my friend & may not resonate with you. If so, I wish you well on your journey. But for those who wish to benefit from my experience I welcome you.

Learn to love but be prepared to fight for you & yours if needed. A warrior is powerful & just.

Real power is a steel heart filled with love. The power of a soul warrior.


Tom Rannachan