Tom Rannachan is q paranormal adventurer, spiritualist, coach & author on the unknown from Scotland. He has performed numerous sell out shows, talks & events over the last 20 years all over the UK & is known for his down to earth outlook & humour while mesmerising audiences far & wide.

His passion for the afterlife & hauntings began as a child in the old dilapidated slums of Glasgow where he spent his early years literally surrounded by paranormal activity. His initial fear & terror soon developed into a deep fascination & acceptance of the visitors who would make their presence felt regularly. The very strange & lifelong connection began.

Tom still remains dedicated to this day to pushing the boundaries of afterlife investigation to a higher level than before. Over the years this has led him into many of the scariest situations imaginable as he searches further & pushes for more communication with the other side. His lone investigations into his country's darkest & scariest places have always been a part of his life & has seen him face to face with many apparitions, poltergeist activity, demonic entities & ghosts of the past.

However, Tom Rannachan has a very rational outlook on the paranormal:

"If I haven't experience something, I don't necessarily believe it. And even when I experience it I question all rational possibilities. But I know for certain there are many layers of existence in this world and we are not alone."


He dedicates a part of his life to helping others with his guided meditations. His empowering (100% free) 'Unleash Your Inner Soul Warrior' series of ebooks & guided meditation recordings have helped thousands of people from all over the world tap into their inner power & live their lives to the fullest while embracing the spiritual energy of the ancients.

Tom has been featured in all forms of media, from local & national radio & newspapers to international  broadcasting & magazines worldwide. Those who have came to seek his guidance have included people from all walks of life, including celebrities & sports stars over the years.

He lives in his native Scotland, is married, has a son & two big rescue dogs. He is an avid kilt wearer & in his spare time can be found either traipsing around the historic Scottish countryside, in the gym lifting weights or enjoying a pint of good beer at a fireside in ancient haunted pubs.