"Life is getting tough...Time to get tougher"

The trilogy of 'Mind, Body & Spirit' is a term that many speak of but rarely work on

And as we rise out of this period in time, our bodies may be weaker, our minds stressed & tired due to these strange times. But if want, this can also be a time of rejuvenation & rebirth.


These 121 personal sessions with me encompass each aspect of the being through intense hypnosis/guided meditation, mindfulness, coaching & meanwhile working the body.

Each one is aimed at helping you achieve more physical power, strength, mental & spiritual awareness, confidence, health & motivation in your life.

Using modern diet methods, tried & tested training techniques alongside ancient inspired meditations & rituals, I will work with you striving to exceed your expectations with your body & confidence. I don't care where you are now physically, we can begin now.

Throughout the journey...yes you may feel like giving up, yes you will falter & you will stumble but I will be there to help & support you. I will be in your corner each session using my 35 years' of experience as we work on empowering you, pushing you into victory.

This is no 'miracle cure' for stress or 'secret weight loss', this is work, sweat & tears as you recharge your physical self & focus your mind to be the best you in 2021 & beyond. I will be at your side.

These sessions require real dedication & are extremely limited due to my diary

. Don't waste my time & I won't waste yours my friend.