I've literally spent most of the first half of my life all alone seeking out hauntings & ghosts. It began as a wee boy while living in very haunted old tenements in Glasgow where nightly terror finally turned to fascination for me. Back then I was surrounded by both negative & positive spirits but life wasn't very good & it has to be said that even the scary entities who haunted my life were no worse than many of the living people around me! I soon embraced their presence & they became a part of my life.

When I got a bit older I'd sneak away to graveyards & any place locals said was haunted & sit there all alone hoping to see or hear the 'spooks' as they were called by many back then.  Back in those days there was no technology I could take (or afford!) so it was just me, my wee book & my senses. Although I have to say most of the alleged ghostly reports & others I've been involved in over the years can be easily explained away by natural causes, I've loved those rare moments witnessing the energy of poltergeist activity first hand & I've also been fortunate to see many apparitions appear in front of me of those who once lived & breathed in this physical existence hundreds of years ago. I've also experienced my fair share of negative entities & sadly have came to believe these b****ds  co- exist with us on Earth. 

As with all spiritual work, when investigating the paranormal, we must be open minded but always remain rational & aware that many things we see or experience can simply be our minds & eyes playing tricks. And it is VERY important that we leave all ego behind.

The human eye can only see 0.0035 % of visible human light & this existence we are currently experiencing within our physical bodies means we are limited in many of our senses but I believe we can all develop & strengthen our connection by opening up & losing fear.

I personally developed my spiritual connection & charged my senses through spending countless hours & nights alone within genuine haunted & spiritually active places without the influence of the 'living' to corrupt or ruin the experience. I always avoided spiritualist groups & circles where people have their own ideas, egos & agendas. The best way to learn anything is by being thrown into the deep end by pushing the boundaries & understanding the energy around us. The paranormal is NOT something to be fearful of but is to be celebrated & explored with care, passion & understanding.


There is nothing to fear only more to discover!



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