Ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists, possessions, hauntings & all the other terms used to describe spirit phenomena are sure to bring a chill to the spine of many a person on a cold dark night. Most of us are told ghost stories from a young age or told to fear the 'bogey man' or whatever monster we are led to believe lurks in the darkness or under our beds at night. Up until the age of seven years old our minds are in a particularly susceptible state & we absorb many events & experiences that create patterns & behaviours for life. So any exposure to spooky tales teaches us that the dead are wicked or evil. Even the stories of 'wicked' witches can instill a fear of women who did nothing more than work with nature.

So do ghosts exist?

The reality is this: Ghosts DO exist, hauntings DO occur, the soul does continue after the physical existence ends & there is a very strong positive/negative spiritual energy in this strange reality we call life. There are interdimensional beings that co exist with the living on this level of life & all I know for certain is that they seem intent to cause havoc & disruption towards us.

However, let me state here & now that after a lifetime of working on my spirit connection & embracing the supernatural, I can say with absolute certainty that most afterlife connections I've dealt with have been filled with positivity & overwhelming love. 

Many of the poltergeist (noisy ghost) cases I've dealt with have no real evil attached to them. Most in fact have been spirits who are simply playing tricks on the living. They can cause absolute chaos & terrify people but usually once I had connected, & we would  begin to communicate the cheeky wee buggers usually ceased their nonsense. 

It's very easy to be sceptical about the paranormal if we haven't experienced it personally. I get that. I really do. After all it's a subject that is elusive, shrouded in mystery, fakery & let's be honest most sane people haven't spent hours alone in haunted locations asking for activity! 

I've personally found that most hauntings I've been called to aren't real & can be easily explained by natural causes, imagination & even trickery sadly. However, to experience the energy & power of a genuine haunting without fear is exhilarating & I love it!


Most (not all) of these paranormal TV shows are filled with nonsense & drama for the purpose of ratings. The poor spirits who may possibly be resident at the locations are usually insulted during a practice they call 'provoking'. Well, I was taught to show respect for others until they disrespect me & I always will maintain this approach & find it annoying to watch these 'investigators' calling spirits offensive names & challenging them. I find that it's far more effective to learn to understand why the person haunting the location is doing what they're doing. If the resident ghosts become aggressive then I will give them it back 100% but life - on this side & the other - is all about understanding. If the haunting is demonic in nature then we are treading into a very different & potentially very dangerous area.


Nowadays I work with a team of experienced friends I trust who each bring a unique aspect to investigating the supernatural with me but way back in the 1990's, I used to spend a lot of time myself at lone vigils in allegedly haunted houses, pubs & places around Glasgow & Edinburgh.

I did this for two reasons: to help the people who were being affected but mostly for my own enjoyment & spirit communication development.  

This was long before any paranormal TV shows aired & most people I met were embarrassed about claiming such things were happening in their home.

So, I actually never intended to share these investigations or experiences but I realise now that people are fascinated by the afterlife & may enjoy reading them here.

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