One of the most fascinating & requested aspects of my work is investigating the amazing possibility of past lives accessed through one to one regression sessions.

Each session is a relaxing & incredible experience for the person who is journeying back into a life they may have lived before. It is a completely safe & illuminating process & everybody I've worked with feels a great sense of peace & calmness after their inner journey.

Since I was in my teens I've performed numerous past life sessions & am still surprised & fascinated by the things I see during these fascinating journeys.


Contrary to the myth that people are usually someone famous in their past life, I find that most access memories of an everyday existence of a normal person who has experienced the highs & lows that life throws our way & can sometimes give detailed descriptions of their surroundings in a past time. Some of the information received is fantastic & occasionally some of the most bizarre details a client has experienced has been verified after they did some of their own detective work.

Each session lasts 2 hours & I find it is better if I write down & document the information given as we go through thesession, it gives a wonderful picture of the events & timeline that the person is experiencing. Recording is also an option if required but I find documenting the journey to be the best for the person.

Contrary to popular belief, Past Life Regression does not require any form of deep hypnosis to be accessed. A relaxing meditative state is all that is required & an understanding of the person's current state of awareness to maintain the flow of information & relay the information.

I still perform Past Lives sessions when I have the time. The price for the 2 hour session is now £95. To enquire click here.


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